We’ve been celebrating Black History Month at X1 Lettings.

Every week in October we’ve focused on a person or issue from Black history in the UK. Below you can find a roundup of the past few weeks.

Len Johnson

A talented boxer whose achievements weren’t acknowledged due to racial discrimination. He later forged a political career and helped set up organisations to fight prejudice.

Claudia Jones 

A visionary, activist and feminist icon. Claudia created the Notting Hill Carnival to lift spirits in black communities as a result of racially motivated violence in London.

The Windrush Generation

People who came from the Caribbean to the UK post WW2 have been unable to prove their right to stay in the country due to horrific government failings. They have consequently caused black families to be ripped apart.

Olive Morris

A campaigner against systemic racism in the UK. Olive was a British Black Panther and created a network for Black women to engage in politics and fight for equality. Read more about these incredible people and ongoing issues here.

How to support

Although Black History Month is ending, our appreciation shouldn’t. There are many ways you can show support and solidarity beyond October. A brilliant way is to donate to charities who raise money for Black communities.

Black Minds Matter

A non-profit organisation that aims to empower communities to take charge of the change they want to see. They provide a safe space for young people to come together and share their experiences, as well as offering self-development opportunities.

Donate here.

UK Black Pride

An amazing grass-roots movement supporting and celebrating LGBTQ+ people of colour. Donations go towards community outreach and hardship funds as well as celebrations.

Donate here.


X1’s graphic designer, Ashley, has been creating the amazing artwork each week that represents our chosen person. Ashley has put together an incredible video to honour Black History Month.