We’re sure you’re sick of hearing about it! But Covid-19 has really rocked the student accommodation boat. Do you stay at home? Should you defer your course? What about whether to live with friends or do you tackle it alone?

We are unbiased when it comes to apartments or studios. We see the benefit with both! But here are some reasons why you might want to choose a studio apartment this coming September.


A lot of our tenants move in with their friends, so worries about how housemates might keep up with cleanliness levels might not be so prominent. But what if you’re friends are ?’s, you like your own space or you haven’t met your new uni buddies yet? Well, a studio apartment is the place for you then. The only dishes to clean are yours, the only one responsible for cleaning the toilet is you, and who to blame for the unmade bed? Only you! That means you have full control over the goings on in your apartment. In uncertain times like these, it can be refreshing to have your own sanctuary to escape to.


Working From Home – Is it the new norm?


While some universities will be holding lectures from October, it’s likely there will be less face-to-face teaching for the first term. This means you must have the right environment to come back to work from home in. You can kit out and decorate your studio however you like, making your space your own and ensuring you’re stress free and productive. If Uni life is going to be different anyway, then you may as well ace your studies now and party when everything is back to normal.


Which studio to go for?


X1 The Studios is in a great location if you don’t need to be on campus as much (it’s only a 20 minute walk for when you do). If your social life is picking back up then you’ll be glad to hear that X1 The Studios is located right by the Baltic Market. With bars and restaurants open again it’s in the perfect place to live. You also have an on-site gym which is back open to tenants.


For more information, please get in touch with our team on 0151 559 3333. We had 2 bookings a day last week so they’re flying out the ?.