We don’t want to come across as Debbie Downers, talking about the impending downfall of the human race and the end of the world due to our planet over-heating, sending us spiralling into oblivion full of fire and pain. But we WOULD like to share 5 climate change influencers we follow. They either educate on the human impact on climate change, provide tips on how to reduce plastic or how to make small changes to make big differences.

Crowther Lab

We implore you to follow the Crowther Lab (@crowtherlab). The information they provide on the impact of human activity on global biodiversity is not to be sniffed at. They explain what has happened and what we can do to combat it in Layman’s terms. They are using science to understand and address global threats while using their findings to encourage policy changes surrounding biodiversity loss and climate change.

Less Plastic UK (@lessplasticuk)

This is a great Instagram account to follow if you’re looking to reduce your plastic waste but not sure why or where to start. They are plugging BYOC campaigns, (Bring Your Own Cutlery) and highlighting important articles from the week so you can always stay updated and in the know.

Batoko (@batoko)

This is one for the ladies. Batoko makes funky swimsuits made from 100% recycled plastic waste. They’re comfy, flattering, come in all sizes (not that many shapes though) and help you SAVE THE PLANET! They nab the plastic that would have otherwise been dumped in landfills, so if you’re reducing plastic AND using up the already dumped waste then boy will you be an environmental advocate.

Veja (@veja)

One for the girls AND the boys. Veja is a French-born sneaker company that design cool vegan AND Fair Trade trainers. The fashion industry has a huge negative impact on the environment, with the amount of water waste and pollution and increasing levels of toxic chemicals. I’m not as hot on fair trade fashion as I would like to be, but Veja caught our eye as a fashion brand before we realised they were environmentally conscious. So we definitely suggest giving them a look-see.

Plastic Freedom (@plasticfreedom_)

Plastic Freedom is an online plastic free shop. So if you get some pointers from Less Plastic UK but don’t know where to turn, Plastic Freedom would be the next port of call. Why not choose a bamboo toothbrush over a plastic one? It does the same job, doesn’t it?