When is Cyber Monday 2019?

Are you on the lookout for those cheap as chips online deals? Have you been saving up in preparation for the biggest online shopping day of the year?

Yep, that’s right, Cyber Monday will be hitting us on 2nd December! A day filled with amazing deals and discounts where EVERYONE will be online to grab the best bargains!

Cyber Monday is the PERFECT day to grab your Christmas presents and festive goodies all in one place – with a pretty attractive price tag to boot…

If you’re joining the online chaos, fear not – take a read of our top tips to guarantee a successful Cyber Monday.

Make a List

Firstly, get all of the items you want to purchase written down on a wish list. Therefore, you can hunt for those goodies first before browsing other tempting deals. Don’t get distracted from your list!

Social Media

Make sure to follow your favourite retailers across their social media outlets. Exclusive deals and discount codes are always posted throughout the day so keep your eyes peeled!

Get a head start and check out Amazon’s early releases for Cyber Monday!

Be Safe

Cyber Monday is prime time for online criminals to strike so make sure to shop from a secure device with a secure connection.

Use unique logins and passwords on all sites. Use trusted vendors only and don’t be duped by those ‘too good to be true deals!

X1 In The City

Our X1 Loyalty E-Card is the go-to place for our tenants to redeem exclusive discounts all year round. But keep a close eye on your inbox on Cyber Monday as we may just have some extra special Loyalty E-Card discounts for you. You don’t want to miss out!!


Happy Shopping! 🛒