Discover how to move out from your student flat in Manchester or your student apartment in Liverpool with our simple guide below.


Step 1 – Return your keys, fobs and permits 

After moving out all of your belongings and cleaning your student flat, please put your keys, fobs and parking permits in a clearly labelled envelope which states your: 

  • Full name
  • Room number (if applicable)
  • Flat number 
  • Building name

Please ensure that you have contacted all companies regarding your change of address as any post received here will be returned to sender, we are not able to hold this for you and we cannot be held responsible for it.

If you are vacating before your tenancy end date, please fill out an early vacation form and place it inside the envelope.

Then, return the envelope in-person to your Tenancy Care Manager at the relevant office. 

Check the opening times of our offices in Liverpool and Manchester. 

If you are vacating on your tenancy end date: please return the envelope to the staff on-site at your building during office hours. 


Step 2 – The move-out inspection

We will then conduct a move-out inspection. This will only happen once all keys, fobs and parking permits have been returned to us. Please be aware the inspection cannot take place whilst your possessions and belongings are in the student apartment and it needs to be completely empty. This is so that we can see all areas of the apartment in order to provide a full and thorough inspection. 

Please remember it is your responsibility to replace any light bulbs in the property where necessary. If you have been paying your monthly rent by standing order please ensure this is cancelled after your final payment of rent has been deducted from your account. 


Step 3 – Your deposit

Please ensure that you provide your forwarding address to your Tenancy Care Manager, as they require this to return your deposit. We will then send your check-out report, as well as the inventory from before you moved in, over to you via email. The email will also include any necessary deductions from your deposit. 

Once agreed, you will then be able to log in to your Deposit Protection Service (DPS) account and reclaim your deposit (minus any deductions). If you wish to dispute any of these deductions, the DPS will open a dispute case and you will then liaise with them directly. 


Step 4 – Thanks for choosing X1 for your student accommodation!

All done! We would like to thank you for choosing to stay with X1 and we wish you all the best in the future. If you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact your Tenancy Care Manager.