Discover how to book your new student flat in Manchester or your brand-new student studio in Liverpool.


Step 1 – Book your new student flat

Found your dream student pad in the UK? Good news – our quick and simple student booking process is completed online. Click on the Book a Room button and fill in the short application form which includes selecting your chosen student accommodation and sharing some basic contact details.


Step 2 – Pay the deposit for your chosen student flat

Once the application form for your brand-new student apartment has been completed, you will be taken to PayPal to pay your £200 deposit. This deposit is essential in order to secure your booking.

Important – Your booking is not completed until you have completed the following steps. The process must be completed within 14 days. If the process has not been completed within this time frame, your booking will be cancelled and your deposit will be refunded. 


Step 3 – Provide a guarantor 

When you have paid your deposit, our team will be automatically notified and you will be contacted as soon as possible. All students require a guarantor when renting, so you will just need to provide the name and email address of the person who will act as your guarantor. We will then send them a short form to complete.


Step 4 – Get referenced

Once your guarantor has completed and returned the form, both you and your guarantor will be referenced by UKTenantData. They will contact you and your guarantor and you will liaise directly with them to provide the necessary information.


Step 5 – Sign the tenancy agreement for your student apartment

Following full completion of the referencing process, you will be sent your tenancy agreement to complete and sign via the UKTenantData online portal. Please take time to read the agreement carefully before you sign, and ask us if you are unsure of anything, as this is a legally binding contract.


All done!

Congratulations – the booking process is now complete. Easy enough, right?! You will be sent further information about moving into your university accommodation closer to the time. So for now, you can sit back, relax and look forward to going to uni knowing that you have just secured the best student accommodation in your new city. 

Student Accommodation Liverpool

Now that you have all the information you need to book your student flat, take some time to browse our student properties in Liverpool and Manchester

Guarantor FAQ's

Do I need a guarantor?

If you are a full-time student, and would like to pay your rent in instalments then we do need a UK guarantor.

If you are looking into a residential accommodation you must hit the criteria also approved by UK Tenant Data.

If you are unable to provide a UK guarantor, please do contact our team to talk through your options.

Who can be my guarantor?

A guarantor must be over the age of 18, and be willing to take joint financial responsibility for your tenancy. The guarantor will have to sign a guarantor agreement.

They will be liable to pay your rent, if for unforeseen circumstances you were unable to pay; we have the right to pursue for any outstanding payments and it is therefore important your guarantor understands this liability before signing the agreement. This person must be based in the UK and be approved by UK Tenant Data.

What's involved in the guarantor referencing process?

- Income assessment
- Accommodation assessment
- Credit check
- Must be currently residing in the UK and have resided here for at least 6 months